О Математике

The goal of the website mathematikus.de is to promote the ability to imagine spatial objects and processes.

The ability to imagine something spatially is essential in many areas of life. Sometimes spatial imagining is called the fourth cultural technique besides reading, writing, and arithmetic. Spatial imagination is necessary to solve many daily life problems: When you listen to a description of a route, you have to imagine how you have to go. Anyone who sees a folding instruction with single folding steps must imagine the process of folding.

The imagination of three-dimensional objects or processes is always based on verbal descriptions or two-dimensional images. The animations of the website mathematikus.de give the user just in time informative feedback: Everyone can directly see why the selected solution is right or wrong. Animated folding processes make it easier to imagine folding in reality. Last but not least, the user can observe every folding as often as necessary. Using mathematikus.de, everyone can work at their speed and try and correct mistakes.

The website mathematikus.de was originally developed using Flash. It is completely redesigned, reprogrammed, and expanded in 2020 as part of the iTEM project. Since 2020, mathematikus.de can also be used on devices with touchscreen and adapts automatically to the screen size.

Project iTEM

The website mathematikus.de is part of the project iTEM (improving Teacher Education in Mathematics), jointly carried out by scientists from the TU Liberec, the NORD University of Bodø, and the PH Schwäbisch Gmünd. Czech National Agency for International Education funds iTEM under the EEA Funds 2014 – 2021, Education Program. Through the EEA Funds, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway contribute to reducing economic and social disparities in the European Economic Area (EEA) and to strengthening cooperation with 15 European countries.

Project management

The iTEM project is led by

Mgr. Daniela Bimova, Ph.D. (Technická univerzita v Liberci) and
Prof. Dr. Klaus-Peter Eichler (PH Schwäbisch Gmünd & NORD Universitet Bodø)

Goals of the project

One goal of the project is to explore the students’ patterns of working with two-dimensional animations such as those offered by the website mathematikus.de and their use to develop the students’ spatial ability.

Ответственный за проект

Проф. Др. Клаус-Петер Айхлер

НОРД Университет Бодое и Педагогическая школа Швебишь Гмюнд

Содержательная концепция и взносы в обучение и учение математики

Дипл.-Инф. Дорин Айхлер


Веб-дизайн и программирование сайта/перестройка и техническая реализация модулей обучения

Дипл.-Мат. Петер Айперт

Университет Ростока

Концепция и программирование учебных модулей

Даг О. Мадсен, Ph.D.

НОРД Университет Бодое

Перевод сайта на норвежский язык

Даниела Бимова, Ph.D.

ТУ Либерец

Перевод веб-сайта на чешский язык

Продвижение проекта

EEA Grant 2014-2021 - Iceland Liechtenstein Norway Grants, Education Programm


Технический университет Либерец
(Республика Чехия)

NORD Universitet Bodø

Педагогическая школа Швебишь Гмюнд (Германия)