3D printed models for selected Mathematikus modules

Daniela Bímová from the Department of Mathematics of the Faculty of Science, Humanities and Education of the Technical University of Liberec created for individual tasks of the following Mathematikus modules:

  • Knight Runkel,
  • Broken Cubes,
  • Rotating Solids

the bases for 3D printing of physical models of spatial objects that are parts of these tasks. The created materials, which are all the necessary files, are freely available on the "Printables" platform, where they can be downloaded and then used to print the 3D printed physical models. These models are mainly intended for pupils who cannot solve the tasks of the selected modules in the virtual environment of the interactive Mathematikus website. The usage of 3D-printed physical models helps not only in successfully developing pupils' spatial visualisation but also in training their manipulative skills and spatial perception.

To files for 3D printed models