Further tasks to practice spatial visualisation

Daniela Bímová, together with colleagues from the project iTEM research team from KMA FP TUL created a set of tasks focused on different types of representations of cubic solids and cut cubes and leading to the practicing of spatial visualisation. The tasks are processed as dynamic GeoGebra software applets and are available in the GeoGebra book titled "Different representations of cubic solids and cut cubes".

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Necessary files for 3D printing

Even for the tasks processed in the form of dynamic GeoGebra software applets, the necessary files for 3D printing of physical spatial models of the corresponding cubic solids and cut cubes were created. These files are freely available on the "Printables" platform, where they can be downloaded and subsequently used to print 3D-printed physical models of particular cubic solids and cut cubes.

To the files for 3D printed models